Elmedia Player Activation key is a versatile media player for Mac that supports a wide range of video, audio, and image formats. With its intuitive interface, advanced features like AirPlay streaming and subtitle management, and multi-format compatibility, Elmedia Player aims to be the ultimate media player for Mac users.

What is Full version crack Elmedia Player Activation key?

Elmedia Player Activation key is a free media player developed by Eltima Software, specifically designed for Mac OS. Available in both free and paid Pro versions, it plays just about any media file you throw at it.

Some of the key features of Free download Elmedia Player Activation key include:

  • Supports a wide range of media formats – Plays all common video, audio and image formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, FLAC, JPEG, PNG among others. Rare formats like FLV, MKV, OGG are supported too.

  • AirPlay streaming – Allows you to wirelessly stream videos, music and photos from Mac to Apple TV and other AirPlay devices.

  • Subtitle management – Find subtitles online, add them permanently or temporarily to videos, adjust size, delay and sync.

  • Playlist and chapter support – Create playlists to organize your media files. Use chapters to easily jump to specific scenes.

  • Free and Pro versions – The free version meets needs of most users. Pro unlocks advanced features like screen recording, hardware acceleration, YouTube downloads etc.

In a nutshell, Download free Elmedia Player Activation key aims to be the Swiss Army Knife for playing all kinds of media files on your Mac.

elmedia player Activation key

Key Benefits of Using Free download Elmedia Player Activation key

Here are some of the standout benefits offered by Elmedia Player that make it a versatile media player for Mac:

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1. Plays Almost Any Media Format

Elmedia Player Activation key supports the most common media formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, JPEG right out of the box. For less mainstream codecs like FLV, MKV or OGG files, the player utilizes FFmpeg framework to ensure compatibility.

This means you can throw virtually any media file at Elmedia Player, and chances are it will play it without issues. No more worrying about finding the right player for each file type.

2. Allows Streaming Media from Mac to TV

The AirPlay support in Elmedia Player lets you effortlessly stream videos, music and photos wirelessly from your Mac to your Apple TV or other AirPlay devices.

This makes it easy to enjoy your personal media library on a bigger screen. No cables required!

3. Manages and Downloads Subtitles

With Elmedia Player’s subtitle management features, you can download subtitles in multiple languages from sites like OpenSubtitles and pair them with video files.

Adjust subtitle size, sync, delay and customize styling. You can also save subtitles permanently into videos to share files with baked-in captions.

4. Supports Playlists and Chapters

Organize your media files into custom playlists based on genre, mood or any criteria. Use chapters to easily jump to specific scenes or songs in long videos and audio files.

5. Comes in Free and Pro Versions

Elmedia Player has a forever-free version that meets the needs of most users. The Pro version unlocks advanced features like screen recording, youtube downloads, hardware acceleration and removes ads for $19.99.

This allows you to pick the version that fits your requirements and budget.

File Compatibility & Supported Formats

Elmedia Player supports a wide range of media file formats right out of the box, including:


  • QuickTime, Matroska, Ogg, WebM, DivX, DVR-MS
  • 4K/Ultra HD video up to 8K


  • Apple Lossless (M4B), AC3, AAC







This covers pretty much any media file an average user may have. For rare formats not supported out of the box, Elmedia utilizes the FFmpeg framework to ensure compatibility.

Interface & Usage

Elmedia Player sports a clean, minimalist interface that makes it easy to find and play your media files:

The player window has all the expected controls like play/pause, volume, fullscreen, subtitles as well as handy extras like AirPlay and chapter shortcuts.

The library section offers quick access to your media collection organized into playlists. Use the robust search tool to instantly find files.

Adding your existing media files into the Elmedia Player library is a breeze – just drag and drop files/folders into the player window or use the Import button. The files will be indexed and appear in the library.

Within the library, further organize your collection into playlists based on genre, year, mood or any custom criteria. Use playlists for related collections like 90s music videos, Christmas movies, nature documentaries etc.

Chapters, Playlists and Files

Long videos and audiobooks often have chapters allowing you to skip to specific sections. Elmedia Player detects chapters in files and provides easy chapter navigation from the player toolbar.

Create multiple playlists to organize different collections of songs, videos, audiobooks etc. Easily access them from the library sidebar.

Use the robust search tools to instantly find files in your library by name, format, size etc. Advanced search operators like AND, OR further refine results.

Preferences and Settings

In Preferences, you can tweak Elmedia Player’s behavior – from auto-updating libraries to handling media keys. Choose whether to show thumbnails, subtitles or volume controls in the menu bar.

Switchable themes allow customizing Elmedia Player’s look and feel. Choose a dark theme for night viewing or a bright theme for daytime.

Enable advanced technical settings like hardware decoding, deinterlacing filters and aspect ratio handling as per your needs.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Elmedia Player provides handy keyboard shortcuts for key operations like play/pause, volume, subtitles, AirPlay etc.

This allows convenient control when you don’t want to reach for the mouse. Customize shortcuts to suit your preferences.

Advanced Features

While the free version of Elmedia Player meets most common needs, the Pro version unlocks additional advanced capabilities:

1. AirPlay Media Streaming

Stream videos, music and photos wirelessly from Mac to Apple TV, smart TVs, speakers, projectors and other AirPlay devices on the local network. Enjoy your personal media seamlessly on bigger screens.

2. Subtitle Management

Find subtitles online, customize styling, sync to video timing, and burn them permanently into video files to share complete videos with captions baked in.

3. YouTube Downloads

Download videos and playlists from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and 1000+ other sites to build your personal media library.

4. Screen Recording

Record any activity on your Mac screen along with webcam, microphone or system audio. Create video tutorials, product demos and more.

5. Hardware Acceleration

Hardware accelerated decoding offers smoother playback for 4K, 8K and HD videos by offloading work to the GPU. Improves battery life as well.

The Pro version removes ads, lets you try new features first, and supports continued development of Elmedia Player with a single lifetime license cost.

Customizing Download free Elmedia Player Activation key

Elmedia Player Activation key offers several customization options to tailor the player to your needs:


Choose from multiple bright and dark themes to change Elmedia Player’s look and feel. Pick a dark theme for night viewing or match your Mac’s light/dark mode.

Playback Options

Set repeat and shuffle options to customize playback order. Loop a single file, shuffle a playlist randomly, repeat an entire playlist, or play once sequentially.


Organize your media files with tags like genres, year, actors etc. Tags make it easy to search your library and create smart playlists.

Playback Speed Control

For instructional videos and podcasts, adjust playback speed from 0.5x to 2x to go slower or faster as needed. Great for speed listening.

Audio Controls

Tweak the sound with the graphic equalizer and Spatializer surround effects. Boost bass/treble and apply 3D audio effects.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts for conveniences like play/pause, volume, subtitles etc. Fully customize shortcuts to your liking.

Elmedia Player Versions Compared

Elmedia Player comes in two versions – an eternally free version with basic functions and a Pro version with advanced capabilities.

Feature Free Pro
Media format support All major formats All major + rare formats
AirPlay streaming
Subtitle management Basic Advanced
YouTube downloader
Screen recordingup to 4K
Hardware acceleration
Price Free forever $19.99 lifetime license

The free version meets the needs of casual users who just want a solid media player. Power users can upgrade to Pro to unlock extras like AirPlay, downloads, recording and hardware acceleration.

The Pro version is a one-time $19.99 payment, which includes all future updates. There’s no subscription needed.

elmedia player Activation key

Downloading and Installing Elmedia Player

Downloading and installing Elmedia Player on your Mac is quick and simple:

  1. Download – Get the latest version of Elmedia Player from our site. Download either the free or Pro edition.

  2. Mount DMG – Open the DMG file and mount the virtual volume containing the installer.

  3. Install – Double click the installer package and follow the on-screen instructions to install Elmedia Player on your Mac.

  4. First Launch – You’ll be prompted to choose an interface theme and import media on first app launch. That’s it!

Elmedia Player Activation key requires macOS 10.9 or higher to run. It works on any Mac model running a supported OS, including MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Pros etc.

Older versions are available for legacy Mac OS releases. Download the appropriate one for your OS.

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